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Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium
Educational Programs, 2013-2014

The Center for Aquatic Sciences (CAS) at Adventure Aquarium offers a variety of educational programs to enhance your group’s trip. Our hands-on programs are designed to support your classroom’s science curriculum and enhance Common Core Curriculum Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Whether you’re studying habitats or careers, these programs will enrich your students’ experience at Adventure Aquarium and create stewards of the environment. Pre and post activities, as well as Exhibit Companions, are available online at adventureaquarium.com/educator-inlet to further supplement your educational journey at the Aquarium.

If you do not see a program that interests you, CAS staff would be happy to design a program especially for your class. For information about this special service, or if you would like more detailed information about any of our educational offerings, please call 856-365-1025 or email learning@aquaticsciences.org.

For pricing or to book your program, please visit www.adventureaquarium.com.

Indicates live animals are a part of this program

Classroom Lessons
Limit 30 participants

Grades 1 - 8
Key Concepts:  Paleontology, Adaptations
Designed to complement Adventure Aquarium’s DINOSAURS OF THE DEEP exhibit, your students will learn about some amazing aquatic fossils and meet an example of a “living fossil” that walks our beaches today!

Grades PreK - K

Animal Wrappers
Key Concepts: Classification, Organisms, Habitats
Explore the diversity of "animal wrappers" and learn how an animal's covering helps it survive in its environment.

Fabulous Fish
Key Concepts: Adaptations, Organisms
Dive into the fascinating underwater world of unusual and extraordinary fish, from sea horses to sharks!

Grades 1 - 2

Penguin Fun!
Key Concepts: Birds, Adaptations, Conservation
Dip into the remarkable world of our feathered friends from the Southern Hemisphere and discover what makes these birds so special!

Please note: Live penguins are not included in the class.

Life on the Reef
Key Concepts: Habitats, Adaptations, Conservation, Symbiosis
Discover how reef animals live together and what makes these habitats so delicate and unique.

What's Your Habitat?
Key Concepts: Habitats, Adaptations, Ecosystems
From the coral reef to the Australian desert, come investigate some unique habitats and the amazing adaptations of several live animals!

Grades 3 - 4

Food Web Frenzy
Key Concepts: Adaptations, Food Webs, Predator/Prey Relationships
Investigate the complex world of food webs and uncover the amazing relationships between predator and prey!

Endangered at Adventure
Key Concepts: Conservation, Endangered Species
Learn about what it means to be endangered and meet some of the animals in Adventure Aquarium’s collection that need our help.

Rescue the Reefs
Key Concepts: Symbiosis, Conservation, Diversity
Over two-thirds of all coral reefs are at risk. Learn about different threats to the reefs, and meet some of the animals that call the reef home…and what we can do to protect them all

Grades 5-8

Key Concepts: Adaptations, Habitats, Conservation
Discover the incredible diversity of sharks and the amazing characteristics that make these fish the top predators of the world's oceans!

No Bones About It!
Key Concepts: Adaptations, Classification, Organisms
Through some amazing live animals, we'll see how having no bones can be an advantage (or disadvantage) for survival.

Built for Change
Key Concepts: Habitats, Adaptations, Ecosystems
Compare and contrast animal adaptations and how they allow animals to survive changing environmental conditions.

Grades 9-12

Dive into Marine Careers
Key Concepts: Careers, Marine Biology
Learn about the many and varied occupations found in an aquarium and see what it takes to care for an animal collection.

SOS: Save Our Sharks!
Key Concepts: Conservation, Biodiversity
From bycatch to pollution, shark populations are declining faster than they can rebound. Learn about different threats to sharks and check out ways we can help protect this ancient predator.

Special Needs

Special needs appropriate classes can be tailored to meet the interests of your learning support or integrated classroom. All classes are taught in a minimally distracting classroom. Classes move at a pace appropriate to students' curiosity, and attempt to accommodate multiple learning styles.

I Am a Seastar!
This class uses imitation to encourage movement, vocalization, and creative thought. Students will be introduced to various marine animals, such as sea turtles, horseshoe crabs, and sea stars, and invited to engage their imaginations by imitating their movements and sounds. This class does involve live animals, some of whom students will be invited to touch.

Terrific Turtles
What is the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? How fast is a sea turtle? Can a Snapping Turtle take off her shell? Students will meet a few of our Turtles in Residence, and have the opportunity to touch some turtle related biofacts. This class uses live animals, with no direct animal contact.

NEW: Hands-On Science

The Truth About Tentacles!
Grades 7 -8
Key Concepts: Adaptations, Diversity, Anatomy
This hour-long program, limited to 20 students per session, will explore the world of squid, octopus, and their relatives. This lesson includes a hands-on squid dissection, either as a demo or with student participation.

High School Shadow
Grades 9 - 12
Does your school require students to shadow a professional in their chosen field? Our High School Shadow program gives students in grades 9 – 12 an opportunity to meet up with Aquarium staff and get a behind the scenes look at a day in the life of a marine biologist. Email learning@aquaticsciences.org for more information.

Auditorium Programs

Theatre-style setting, ideal for large groups, half-hour session

Shark Myths
Grades 1-8
Key Concepts: Evolution, Predator/Prey relationships, Adaptations
Do sharks leap out at helicopters? Can they swim backwards? Do they eat people? In this interactive program, we will discuss the truth behind some common shark misconceptions as we dispel the myths that cause this predator to be so feared.

Habitat Sweet Habitat
Grades 1-8
Key Concepts: Habitats, Adaptations, Ecosystems
Meet some of our education animals and learn about their unique habitats and the adaptations they have to help them survive.

Tour Programs

Limit 20 people per tour.

Top of the Ocean Realm Tour
Grades 3 - Adult
Half-hour tour

Our 760,000-gallon Ocean Realm exhibit gives a spectacular view of life under the waves. This 30-minute tour allows you and your students to get a rare glimpse of the top of this exhibit and see our animals up close. Please note: anyone under the age of 6 is not permitted at the Top of the Ocean Realm exhibit.

Behind the Scenes Tour
Grades 9 - College
Hour-long tour

Learn how we take care of many of the animals at the Aquarium through this special behind the scenes tour. Learn what it takes to feed and care for our diverse collection, then get a bird’s eye view of our 760,000 gallon Ocean Realm exhibit.

Tour Programs are not wheel chair accessible and include a trip to the top of Ocean Realm exhibit, requiring participants to be able to climb 2 flights of stairs unaided.