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Classroom Lessons

The Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium offers a wide variety of classroom lessons on site allowing children grades preK-12 to investigate ocean-related topics, from coral reef symbiosis to the sticky tube feet of the sea star. Our programs are aligned with New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and National Science Benchmarks. (Read More)

Educator Resources

View our TIDEings for Teachers newsletters as well as crafts and activities for your students. (Read More)


Looking for a special program? With Outreach Traveling Programs our staff will bring the fun and learning of aquatics directly to your school, center, or fair...wherever you need us! Click here for more information.


Overnight Programs

The stingrays are restless. The sharks are hungry.. And we're turning out the lights!! Pack your sleeping bag, stock up on shark repellent and get ready for the greatest overnight adventure yet!!

Want to "Sleep with the Fishes" ????? Click here for Overnight Program info!!!

Summer Sea Camp

From the majestic whales of the oceans to the great lions of the Serengeti, or from colorful coral reefs to the diverse tropical rainforests, you'll trek around the globe with the Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium as each week we learn, explore and discover amazing habitats and animals that inhabit our planet. (Read More)

Small Fry Camp

Through games, crafts, stories, songs and short tours through Adventure Aquarium, your “small fry” will have a great time learning, exploring and creating as we discover different animal themes. (Read More)

Meet Us in the Wild

A field trip in the field! The best way to learn about the environment is to experience it first hand. Bring your students to New Jersey's most amazing classrooms -- the Pinelands, the Wetlands, the Salt Marsh, or the Beach! Meet a Center instructor in the wild for a unique outdoor experience. (Read More)

Teen Programs

Do you want to learn what it takes to become a marine biologist or work with animals at the Aquarium? Our High School Shadow program gives students in grades 9 – 12 an opportunity to meet up with Aquarium staff and get a behind the scenes look at a day in the life of a marine biologist. (Read More)

Scout Workshops

The Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium is pleased to be able to offer several workshop options for Scouts to work towards earning their badges. Come to the Aquarium to work on your badge, or let us come to your meeting and help you at your location! All workshops combine hands-on activities, live animals and biofacts. (Read More)

Teacher Professional Development

Scientific literacy is crucial to remaining relevant in the 21st Century. Do you want your students to engage in scientific thinking, enjoy the learning and retain more in the process? Whether interested in life, earth, the physical sciences or another STEM subject, our PD department is ready to help your program! Search our menu of favorite offerings or work with us to customize a PD opportunity that supports your specific curricular goals and objectives. (Read More)